Layner (laynerox) wrote,


i had two different nightmares today during my between job nap.

i can't remember the first one. but the second one really stressed me out. there were cockroaches that were about to have babies. it was so gross.
and the sub-plot to that dream was ashly, zip, and i had moved to san antonio (i would NEVER do this) and signed a year lease with the owners of the house. got semi-settled in and then got notice that the owner changed her mind and was moving back.

this is probably because our landlord has recently started having packages sent to our house. (she lives in oklahoma now) and i'm worried that she's going to be all, "yea, about that remaining 5 months on your lease...we're moving back. you have 2 weeks to find elsewhere to live"

really stressed me out, apparently.
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