Layner (laynerox) wrote,

i received In My Tribe as a gift from my mother when i was five years old. I have been a fan ever since. Mom was my guest for this show. We both thoroughly enjoyed the music. Personally, seeing her perform was something i could tic off my bucket list, which mostly involve music in some form or another.

there was a group of about 8 women who sat in the row directly behind us. (sec 102, seats 20,21) who talked through the ENTIRE show. at least 8 different people 'shushed' or otherwise asked them to tone it down, two from the row in front of me. i missed a few songs from the first half of the set because ALL i could hear was their running commentary. They thought Natalies dress was anne klein. one of the ladies has a small bladder, could they remember where they parked, and other ignorant statements like "THAT is the REAL Natalie" when she did Carnival, they sang along with the wrong lyrics. and astoundingly, not a one of them could clap on beat.

it was especially frustrating because as soon as the music would stop, so would the talking, and without fail as soon as the music would start again, so would they. and not a hushed whisper here or there, i'm talking straight up conversations...(also, not one of them could clap on beat, it was really quite astounding)

i go to a LOT of shows and personally hardly make a sound out of respect, or wanting to soak up every note, unadulterated. I don't expect that from everyone. but i expect some social skills and common courtesy.

Houston, please be respectful at concerts. if you're in a seated venue where i can't move away from your loud ass, please don't talk.
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